The TT 20th Anniversary Edition is a salute to Audi’s original kinetic sculpture

The Audi TT looked like an instant classic at its U.S. launch 20 years ago. I should know, because I was there as a member of Audi of America’s public relations team. Designed as a powerful statement to deepen the emotion of the brand, it was described as “nothing less than mobile proof of Audi’s passion for the motor car.” Designer Freeman Thomas wanted an absolute shape, and he delivered it with an arresting profile led by the wheels. The strong circular form repeated throughout the interior and exterior, creating a car of distinction.

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I had a Wheeler Dealer 2010 TT that I bought / sold in 2014. It had the baseball interior. All these yrs later, my neighbors still talk about ‘that car you had with the baseball interior’. It sure left an impression on them.