The ultimate 1965 Shelby GT350 is here, 52 years later


The relentless wind has made for a cold, high-desert morning at California’s Willow Springs Raceway. The neighboring tracks are silent, absent of any car or go-kart racing. There are no jet flybys from the fighter jocks at Edwards Air Force Base. The only sound is the howl of a single small-block Ford V-8 as it hurls a lightweight fastback through the apex of Turn 9 and heads for the finish.

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"Venice Crew begins with high-performance K-code 1965 Mustang fastbacks, strips them down, and builds them to Shelby specs."

I sure hope they are using clapped out, POS examples for the cars that become something that isn’t an original Shelby. There isn’t a lot of K-code '65s out there anymore and to use them to the build a fake Shelby is a real shame.

Since they are building fakes they should use 6 cyl. or other low powered fastbacks.