The unsolved history of the Bronco Hunter by Holman and Moody/Stroppe


It started as a trip to Central Phoenix to buy a used set of factory alloy wheels that I’d found on Craigslist for my 1989 Bronco. But soon I was not only the owner of those wheels but also the long-lost, one-of-one 1969 Bronco known as the “Bronco Hunter,” originally built by legendary dream team of Holman-Moody-Stroppe.

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Very interesting story and I hope you find out the rest of it’s history!


I lived just down the road from the Holman-Moody shop near Charlotte in the early 60’s. Many times on the way to work I would hear the race engines being tested and roaring out the stacks beside the building. Music to my ears. Harold


I bought this truck in 1999 in Tucson and sold it to Randy about 3 or 4 years ago. Back in 2000 I interviewed Lee Holmann and Stroppe’s son, who gave me the number of Brad Searer who lived in Tucson and worked for Stroppe as a parts manager for 9 years. Brad’s the one who 1st confirmed for me that it had unique Stroppe parts on it, namely, the famous Buddy Baker steering wheel and magnesium turbine rims (both inexplicably not on the restored version) as well as the unique Stroppe roll bar, the cast steel coil spring lift buckets under the front coils, and the saginaw steering pump. That was a working PTO winch on the front when I sold it.


That’s a shame. Would be awesome to see this truck as it was intended to be by it’s creators.