The Value of 6 cylinder Mustangs


Six cylinder owners seem to be treated as second class citizens in the classic car world. At least that’s how I’ve been treated. Even Hagerty’s valuation tool doesn’t even include 6 cylinders (unless it’s recently been updated). Is this mindset the same all over the country, or just the mid Atlantic region??


I’ve had about 6 Mustangs over the years, and all but one was a 6. I guess I was lucky. Now days most of the reasonably priced mustangs for sale are sixes. The V 8 owners think they have something special.
I’ve seen lots of sixes at shows and they look just as good at the v 8 cars.


Last I saw there was an adjustment listed on the Hagerty Valuation Tool that factored for the 6-cyl. For instance, in 1966 it is -25%.

I gather that people are not big fans of the 6 cylinder because if they are buying a Mustang these days they want what they remember or have fond memories of. Often times people want the more muscular versions of muscle cars, rather than all the show and less go.


Sounds reasonable I guess.


Very true! More engine, more $. But guess what… engine size doesn’t change the speed limit…only the amount of time it takes to get to the limit… :slight_smile: