The VW Type 4 ( aka the 411 and 412 )

Probably the rarest and most unloved of VW production vehicles, and I have two of them. Both 1974 412s.
If anyone here is interested in my cars and their amazing stories I’ll be happy to post more. Including pictures, if they can be posted here.

I remember those.

I often wonder if the 411 emblem got stolen off of these since it is phone speak for information…

They didnt sell too many of them here in the u.s.

South of the border, especially in the Latin American countries, I believe they did better an even came out with the Brasilia and the SP.

But, here in America, most buyers couldn’t get past water cooled bodies on an air cooled engine.

Of course, it should also be said that they were victims of VW’s early misadventures with fuel injection.

To be fair, though, outside of the thing, they were the first main stream 4 door non bus VW vehicles that I could remember.

I also think the front end of them is very reminiscent of the 2nd generation corsairs, but that’s just me.

Post your stories, attach your pictures, we would look forward to seeing them. I’ve posted a picture of my vw truck in the front wheel drive favorite thread, and I’ve created my avatar picture from my son’s corvair.