The Wedding Car


During the summer of ‘03 I had the opportunity to talk to my in-laws’ neighbor about whether he’d be willing to drive my now wife and I from our wedding to the reception in his restored '36 Ford Model 68 Deluxe.

He showed me the car and talked to me about the restoration and how he knew I drove a manual (I’d driven a coupe and pickup both with manuals) and asked if I’d ever driven a 3 speed. I indicated I hadn’t and he asked if I wanted to go for a ride. I said sure and went to get in the passenger side. Due to what I can only attribute to my affable personality he stunned me and most certainly everyone in the neighborhood, by giving me the keys and letting me become the only other person to have driven it (besides him) around the neighborhood. I later learned my mother in law watched with a stunned look from her family room window and called my father in law over to see it as they couldn’t believe he was letting me drive it.

I proved my driving skill and true to form he let us drive it off into the sunset that wedding day unaccompanied. We surprised him and his wife with a few photos of us and a few solo photos of the car as a thank you.

Fast forward to the spring of '16 and I learned from my father in law that it may be up for sale as he was now in his early 80s and wasn’t driving that much so we penned a 3 page letter (old school I know) asking that if he decided to sell it we’d like the opportunity to aquire it.

Over our subsequent twice a year trips to California we visited them each time and talked about what we had been up to with our now growing family and the car. After a year we reached a hand shake agreement and during our following trip we became the new owners…I surprised my wife by arranging a photo shoot in the same spot 13 years earlier with us and our daughters as a nice way to capture the moment before it was loaded onto a transport and brought up to the Pacific Northwest.

We’ve kept the car as is aside from a complete fluid change and the restoration of the original Alabama license plate which is now proudly displayed on the front as our state doesn’t require a matching front plate for historic vehicles. I even managed to get a period correct license plate and have it associated with our registration.

My wife is looking forward to our daughters using it in their wedding and they have affectionality named it the wedding car. I recently completed a book detailing the frame up restoration and history of the 36, and have joined the Early Ford v8 club to learn more about this fine automobile.

I’ve only posted one photo but have plenty more should people be interested.


@nacs007 - Beautiful car and story! I love the wide whitewalls.


Thank you! Really looking forward to the rainy season ending and to get out on the road a bit with it.


Fantastic story! My wife and I used a 1969 Grand Prix in our wedding a couple years ago. It was a recent purchase for my father at the time and I talked him into selling it to us a year ago. I think we would have to be in pretty dire financial circumstances for me to consider selling it.


Thanks for sharing. Fantastic story. Enjoy it!


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