There were 98 Porsches auctioned at Amelia Island. Where’s the tipping point?


Even toddling lemonade stand entrepreneurs know the law of supply and demand—it’s the one common economic principle all buyers and sellers can recite. And with a healthy 20 percent of the 493 cars offered at Amelia Island this year being Porsches, it is completely understandable that auction goers were wondering aloud how the flood of Stuttgart supply would impact prices. Are 12 993s too many? Would there be enough buyers to absorb 13 356s? Is eight 930s the Goldilocks number?

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I agree with your reasoning. there are enough variations in each year and model of Porsche to keep the values rising. curious that you didnt mention the 914, although the article feature pic is a 75-76 914. the values of the 914 are all over the place.
Im restoring a 74 2.0 914 currently.


As with all auction items, rarity, originality, and condition are the guiding and significant factors. The really well done cars always do well, the “Auction” cars do not do well, and hurt the brand. We see them at our shop occasionally after the auctions. Lipstick in a pig. …Jim.