These 15 cars illustrate 47 years of Porsche’s racing history


Racing is everything to Porsche. Yes, the German automaker builds road vehicles, many of which are celebrated in their own right. But the driving force behind Porsche is motorsport competition. Those road cars, especially the ones that had more connection to the racers, evolved on the circuit. If you want to know what mattered to the company, look at Porsche’s accomplishments in the pursuit of speed.

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Really nice write up. Just wanted to clarify that the 933 was a Vasek car but it didn’t win the championship as stated. The SCCA D prod championship was won by Doc Bundy in 1980 in a 933 and by Tom Brennan in 1981 in a 933.

The sentence in the text would be more accurate as follows:

The 993 earned the series championship in 1980 and '81 and this example is owned by Jim and Kathy Huizenga.

Again, great write up. Thanks for being there to cover (and thanks for the coffee :wink:

Jim Huizenga