These 1950s and ’60s American cars might be on the rebound


While vintage trucks and SUVs continue their surging rush of popularity, along with a selection of Japanese performance cars from the 1980s and ’90s, prices of American cars from before the muscle car age have been mostly flat. In general, enthusiasts and collectors gravitate toward the cars they remember when they were young, and these days the contingent that look back fondly on ’50s and ’60s American cars is dwindling. Young buyers are showing a keener interest in performance-oriented cars, but not so when it comes to the average American transportation of the era. That’s why we were surprised to see that, according to the latest Hagerty Vehicle Rating data, there are six ’50s and ’60s classic American cars bucking that trend.

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The 1956 Lincoln Continental is such an elegant, understated beauty. She mirrors the resplendent baby birds which had such elegant, sweeping, clean lines. A 56 or 57 is definitely on my bucket list as a car to own before I exit this earth