These 3 Dodge trucks were everything goofy and great about the ’70s


Have you ever tried counting the stars in the sky? Have you tried to number the grains of sand on the beach? Have you tried to figure out exactly how many trim levels are offered on a RAM 1500 truck? All of those things are utterly inscrutable to human beings. With the exception of the Ram TRX and (whenever the first Hellcat-powered truck variant comes out), most trim levels of modern Mopar trucks aren’t really that different from each other. They just offer different grains of leather interior on which to spill your Diet Mountain Dew.

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None of these are RAM trucks. That 3rd to last paragraph reads like someone in Fiat’s marketing department is trying to rewrite history.

-Proud owner of a ‘68 DODGE D100 Sweptline that’s been in the family since Dec ‘67 and hasn’t a speck of horned sheep anywhere.


@jhardebeck - You are correct, the RAM trucks didn’t start until 1981. We updated the article. Thanks for the note.


My '49 Dodge has the Ram on the hood. I can’t remember all of the details but the post WWII '48 up to the '53 Pilothouse series all had the Ram hood ornament, even though they were badged Dodge. Where “Ram Tough” came from. The '81 was a return to Ram and after the government buyout RAM became the official name of the truck instead of Dodge (some contractual lawyer stuff). John and Horace rolled over in their graves. Go to the Pilothouse car club web site and there is a whole bunch of info on the history of Dodge, Ram and the Pilothouse truck.


Recently bought a '79 Li’l Red Express from Mecum in Vegas. After a little additional sprucing I’m getting lots of positive comments from folks at local car shows here in Phoenix. Love the truck, doubt I will ever sell it. By the way, isn’t that a '78 in the Mecum photo?