These 4 sales skimmed below the radar at the 2020 Paris auctions

Last week in Paris, over 300 classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles (and even a few tractors and yachts) came up for auction, split between three different sales and augmenting the festivities at the annual, gargantuan Rétromobile classic car show. The most expensive car was a glorious 1931 Bugatti Type 55 by Figoni for €4,600,000 ($5,050,0340), and the cheapest was a 1984 Volkswagen Cabriolet for €5750 ($6313). There were all sorts of other funky, rare cars—from Talbot Lagos to a Pegaso and even a Venturi—and, as usual in the auction world, a few cars slipped through the cracks at surprisingly low prices.

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The Fiat was well bought! A truly rare car (even more so in the US) bought for used Kia money!

You had me at “under the radar” eg BARGAIN. Is good to be old (pre-dementia) for when you show me the 1972 Fiat 500 “estate” variant (always used in funny “clown car” movies like the one where they drove it into the hotel elevator) for (be still my beating heart) selling for $9000!

In my prime in '72, I remember the Fiat that (almost) conquered America, the Fiat 128 four door. No clown car, it’s movie roles included, along with the 124 (fiat limousine series), all the Remy Julienne serious stunts in movies at that time. Enough power to blow the doors off the 500 series, great greenhouse views styling, relatively roomy, frugally passing the gas pump, it was a fantastic economy car.

But all good things come to an end. For when my friends parents bought a new 128 4 door for their two high school age sons for transportation (for $2299 msrp), it lasted about 2 years under those boys careful stewardship. The ensuing days after viewing one of those Remy Julianne movies were exceedingly painful for the 128.

And the cheapest Fiat Topolino “shooting brake” now sells at auction for $9000, as an undervalued classic?,

Stop the world, it’s time I got off.

The mercedes 300 looked nice, but when Leno on his garage video shared the fact that the (hydraulic) window motor on the 600 of that vintage costs $11,000 per door now to replace, plus labor to install; I remembered that the Mercedes “Das beste oder nichts” meant ignoring the repair costs consideration when designing their 'beste" cars… They never cared if it takes a bank loan to buy a spare part.

Sadly, a 1963 merc with a 180 cu in straight six making 158 hp for a 115 mph top speed (with the 4 spd manual) no longer resides in super car desirability territory.

Wow, that Fiat would of brought a lot more on bat or ebay.

Looks like the 300SE was well bought. The engine in the 300SE relates directly to the 300SL Gullwing/Roadster. The SE version in the Coupe/Sedan was less exotic than the 300SL but they both had 2996 cc’s and both had 183 cubic inches from the factory. While the SE had conservative horsepower (Gross/Net) the SL using the same sized block put out a lot more horsepower thanks to it’s exotic extras. The SE was a “Luxury” model and the SL was a “Super Touring” model back-in-the-day when owners actually drove their wonderful vehicles on long trips. “On the Continent” as they’d say.

Just edited my original post to properly realign the use of 300SE and 300SL…there that’s better!

I guess I’m not a ‘collector’.

I’d enjoy the 500 but only for a little while. Then it would go, priced to sell.

The Facel Vega is a car I’ve never quite understood. The build quality, the marriage of Europe and America, all good. But that face…

I’d like to drive the Ferrari for a week, then hand the keys back in.

The Mercedes is the closest thing to a keeper for me, but that shade of green is a deal killer.

Sorry - but that Ferrari is hardly any kind of deal. In fact, anyone looking at spending that type of money should be looking at getting a new C8 Corvette with a 36 month factory warrantee instead of getting a $4-6,000 haircut when the Ferrari needs some type of “service”.
It’s my opinion as well as Jay Leno’s that the C8 Corvette is going to take a bite out of the used Italian car market.

Wow. All are very respectable cars. I think that a W112 coupé with a four-speed MT sounds cool.