These 6 icons of rebel metal tell the story of NASCAR

In his 80 years, Bill Blair, Jr., has seen all of it, the entire history of NASCAR. He is the sport’s living library, a walking, talking archive that contains every bent rod and brawling punch spanning stock car racing’s seven decades. A few months ago, signaled by our photographer, Blair climbed aboard his 1953 Oldsmobile 88, an exact replica of Bill Blair, Sr.’s, car, and started the Rocket V-8 with a huff of ignition and a lick of smoke. “Call me if you got questions,” he told me, strapping on an old leather helmet. “Most of the writers get the story wrong.”

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It would have been even better if you featured the fabulous Hudson Hornet that dominated between '51-'54. Nice Olds, but it usually was just a “runner up”!

When the magazine came in last week I was disappointed by your overlooking the Hudsons.

What about the 80s T-Birds driven by Bill Elliott?

No mention of the numerous Ford Galaxie wins in the early/mid 1960’s. Especially Fearless Freddie Lorenzen…

What ?? No King ! No STP ! So lame… You Show the rainbow but not STP - The Red White and Blue of STP and the KIng with the rest of the Petty and Earnhardt family , They are the NASCAR Dream, The Rebel Blood… When I was a Kid and still now the first thing I think of when someone mentions NASCAR today. Really don’t know how you can do an article of history of any type without featuring them, oh yea, What about Hudson?? T-birds ?? Galaxie’s ?? Yea, So SO lame - Rebel Metal, yea this must of all come from a Wiki page research…

You have a couple of things a little out of fact. The Daytona Chargers were 1969’s. And Petty left Plymouth because they wouldn’t let him drive a Daytona Charger for the 1969 season. To get him back Plymouth built the now famous 1970 Superbird for the 70 season. And he came back and completely dominated the 1970 season with it, just saying.