These are the 7 best-looking pickups, according to you


We asked readers to sound off on the Hagerty Forums last week and tell us what pickup is the best looking. From the over 100 answers and comments, we distilled this list of the seven best looking classic pickups.

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None of these look as good as the Diamond T.


or as good as my 82 J-10 Honcho Sportside…

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I’d agree with the voters. That’s a great list. My personal favorite FOREVER will be the 1947-54 Chevy 5 window. It has all the points that make a classic truck classic!


You are not ringing my bell. I think the 80 to 86 F150 outshines the Chevy.


All good choices except the 1973–87 Chevrolet C10, which couldn’t be more boring. That Jeep Honcho blows it away.


I prefer 4WD, so I’m partial to the F250 High Boys and several variants of the Dodge Power Wagon


I think someone left out the 1967-72 Chevrolets.


And yet people are ONLY buying the current 4 door monstrosities with the teeny little bed that is jokingly called a pickup.
And no, I don’t need someone with a pickup to help me move things, my trailer hauls way more.


Hudson Terraplane a curious oddity but interesting


Nope, I’ll take my 56 any day of the week.


I’m shocked!!! No Mercedes, No Fiat, No Porsche, No Alfa Romeo, No Ferrari ,
No Maserati , No Bentley, No Audi, No Toyota, No Nissan, No Honda Trucks??
You bet there isn’t. Trucks are AMERICA.

Rare 72 Chevy C/30 1-ton Stepside. last year for 9 foot bed


Jeep Gladiator is a classic!


It was great seeing the Studebaker Coupe Express in the list above but I was surprised at the lack of mention of the 50’s Studebaker pickups. That 56 pic above is a great example here.


No Older Dodge Power Wagon?


Not on the list, and I’m not saying it should be, but I love these…


Chevy/GMC Squarebodies provide the best mix of classic looks with enjoyable utility. We were shocked by how great the ride was in our '75 "the first year of " Silverado. Insured with a Hagerty classic policy it hasn’t done any towing or other truck duty things in over 10 years, but wondering if those limitations might change, for example if we were to insure our '79 Airstream or '80 Baja through Hagerty, would our classic truck policy allow occasional tows with it?

Here’s a pic from 10 years ago visiting our Airstream on it’s seasonal spot:


'47-'54 Chevrolets had “Air conditioning, tilt steering column, and AM/FM radio were all available on this generation of stylish and modern pickup.”? News to me. Proofreaders?


So no IHs made the cut? So sad.


The '49 and early 50s Studebakers are a favorite of mine. Our other vehicles are rather different - S1 E-Type, Lotus Elan, Bugeye Sprite - but I immediately liked the simplicity of the styling of the 2R5 series. And that was before I knew of the Loewy Studios connection. When I visited Romania in the 1990s an older Russian gentleman who was part of the government there recognized the picture of the Stude I was showing to one of the other members of the trade mission. He tapped my shoulder and said, in a broad accent - “Studebaker truck - goooood!” I understand Stude trucks were sent to the Russians to assist them during WW2.