These are the 7 best-looking pickups, according to you

You guys have shown some great trucks but the 78-79 Ford F-150 is one of the best looking trucks every made hands down.

Love my 51 IH L-120

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20160508_095617 My 65 is neat too!

I didn’t think or even dream about nominating my own personal truck.

I did see other vw trucks on here, but let me introduce to you the first chicken tax truck in this thread, mine:

As far as the differences among trucks go, that’s all right with me. Each truck may suit a slightly different purpose.

Oddly enough, I am more of a fan of the curvy style vs the boxy kind, despite my daily being of the boxy type.

The other thing I want to say is more big trucks have been represented here than small trucks, and it was nice to see some cab forward style trucks in at least the comments section, even if no can forward designs made the top 10 lost or whatever that Hagerty compiled out of this thread.

Keep on truckin


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35 Ford over the 37 all day long. Voters missed that one.

I would have to concur with this article. especially since i have a 47 LOL

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Jeep J10 Honcho sans stripes and decals.


This is my dads 58 Chevy that I learned to drive in and drove during high school in the 70s. I restored it over the last 5 years To me the double headlight 58 and 59s have the best look of this era. Not to mention they are more rare.


Here’s a picture of my latest addition to the barn. A69 c10 350 with a 4 speed automatic

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![IMG_8061|666x500] Here is my Truck! We love are trucks Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge. God Bless America!

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Truck is a 55 First Series.
My Son and I got it back on the road just before he passed away last year.

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Looks like you hit a nerve with this topic. Yes Chevy guys, Ford guys, Dodge guys all like their breeds best. Reminds me of my Dad and his “nothing but a Chevy” mindset.
But the real disaster, it seems to me is the total uselessness of the new pick up beds. I saw a hint from Heloise today from a guy that said, “carry an old hockey stick in the bed to rake things over to the side where you can pick them up.” That is if you are over 6’6" and can see inside of your bed.
How did this become “Standard?”
I’ll keep my '07 Canyon (4 door) where the bed rim is just above navel high.


I’m the vw crowd, we used to have a saying…


Praise the lowered

Although old blue is stock height, he has a pretty low entry on all 3 parts of the bed.


Where are the other doors? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The first 5 trucks are just gorgeous, with a slight nod to the Stude.