These are the 7 hottest muscle cars of 2018


Before you indulge too much over the holidays and force yourself into making that obligatory New Year’s resolution to lose weight, perhaps you’d like to also add some muscle into your life? Good news: You can steer clear of the gym and head straight to the garage. The muscle we’re talking about is the four-wheeled variety.

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For me, the 60’s GTO’s or Chargers of the same vintage, perhaps the Fairlane. Not a Chevelle fan, I had a ‘68 SS396 in high school. The later model cars leave me cold.


Well hot damn I have two of the 7 on the list. Kind of wondering why the 70 Buick GSX, or the 69 AMC AMX is not listed. I have those also in my collection. Just curious.


Owning a 2009 G8 GT is just like having the '65 GTO experience when it comes to thrilling driving. Having had both experiences, I can honestly say that the G8 GT is one of the best rides I have ever owned. The GXP version would be even higher on the list if there were more of them around and I really wish that I had gone that extra nickel and bought one of those.


Where are the 7 litre Galaxies in the market? I’ve seen some going for $85k + but I never see them in theses articles.


All cars have their flavors and fans but I still enjoy my 427 ERA Cobra / 1968 Shelby G.T. 350 / 1967 396 RS/SS Camaro and 1967 3x2 bbl 427 Corvette Convertible. Even if these cars are now cold, or god forbid ever lose what value they have I would never trade away the feeling I get when driving at least the two convertible big block sports cars listed here.


It’s all based on the numbers. I bet the GSX and the AMX both have just slightly lower #s than these. Especially since both are on Hagerty’s Muscle Car Index and have had relatively similar performance as the ones on these lists, just not as strong.


I have owned many muscle cars including a big block 1967 427/435 corvette, 1970 Ram Air IV GTO Judge, LS 6 1970 Chevelle and Boss 429 Mustang. Sold them all and now I have two cars for fun. One is Porsche 911 GT2 RS coupe and the other is a a Ferrari 458 Italia convertible. I get more of a blast from these cars than any of those 60’s and 70’s muscle cars. But most people don’t realize that because the never drove these cars and most likely never will.


Come on daddyo, you can’t compare modern super cars like a 458 or GT2 to classic American muscle. The new ones may be better cars but there’s no take-me-back to the back-in-the-day nostalgia. Our 2019 Z06 conv is an incredible car but 20 minutes in the '65 GTO takes us back to 18 all over again.


Well, those old muscle cars take you back to when you were 18, but the current day super cars make you feel like 18. BTW, the 2019 Corvette ZO6 or even the Corvette ZR1 are not close to the same class as the Porsche or Ferrari. Therefore I understand why you may enjoy driving the old muscle car as much as the Corvette, but you would never drive that muscle car if you had the Porsche or Ferrari.


How about the 1966 Fairlane R code 427’s ?


I’m with some others and the opinion that a car of 10-15 years of age doesn’t belong in the list. 25 years minimum. Where the nostalgia in a relatively young model? I have a 73 Cuda, but my Mack Daddy is my 2003 S600. It’s rare, can run with any high performance car, and handles on a rail…but I will consider it collectible in 2028.


Hagerty, nothing but love for you all. Please take any car beyond 1972 off the muscle car list. The new cars are fast but they are a new generation of vehicle and deserve their own modern designation like Retro Muscle. Heck. That G8 has four freaking doors. The GTO is Aussie. The Hellcat is German/Italian. Apples and oranges. If you’re going to be fair and include those, you might as well add Ferrari and Porsche. Collectors care about what’s hot but muscle car fans couldn’t give two flips about a G8.


How about the 1968-69 Chrysler 442. One quick ride in my time…sorry I no longer gave it.


I wonder where a 1935 Oldsmobile 3 window hot rodded coupe would fall . I’ve got one I’d love to sell !


I was interested until I saw a four door Pontiac G8 or whatever it is called.


The Shelby cobra is my all time favorite car , the styling is ageless and they go like stink ! I’ll never own a real one and am currently looking to buy a replica . I fell hard for these cars in the early 80"s


My Barbados Blue was purchased new in 2004 at 6k less than sticker. It is the rarest of the three years in color (271) Yes the original hood is in the basement, replaced by a MPD hood. It looks like the 1969 GTO hood and it has functional “Ram Air” The car was never driven in Wisconsin winter and has 47k miles on it. I like it a lot.


Daddyo just doesnt get it. Comparing apples to oranges . I too own a 2008 599 a 2015 911 turbo s and an amazing 2015 488 as well as over a dozen all factory stock as delivered muscle cars. The feeling you get from driving the two different classes of cars are just that , different. All depends on what mood your in as to which cars you prefer that day. But the old cars always put a smile on my face for at least 30 minutes and then I want back in the newer cars but you cannot get that same design from the newer cars. As far as saying the 2019 zo6 doesn’t compare as far as thrill to drive is concerned to your cars ? Obviously you have never driven one.


I was enjoying this list until I hit #1. The last GTO has to be the ugliest car in this, or any other, list. It can be considered, along with G4 and G6 models. Up to #2 the list was interesting. At #1 it fell off the cliff!