These cars are the biggest winners and losers of the 2018 collector market


The classic car world goes through phases. As tastes change and new people start participating in the hobby, the landscape shifts in response. (That’s why Hagerty updates prices three times per year; values are always moving.) This past year was mostly all about trucks—lots of upward movement for C10s, Broncos, Jeeps, and the like. But we looked even deeper to understand what vehicles shot up the most, and which took the hardest hits in 2018. Here are the five cars with the biggest movement up and the biggest movement down for the year.

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I have been looking on your website but have not seen any reference to “Custom” cars at all. Do you still insure them? I’m looking for insurance for a Custom chopped top 1966 Buick Riviera, a 1956 chopped top Ford Ranch 4-dr wagon and a mildly custom 1954 Ford Ranch 2-dr Wagon. They aren’t even selectible choices. But then maybe I was told wrong about the customs being insured. I know you did cover them years ago because we had your insurance on our cars.


@barber8219 - Modified and custom cars are something we can consider with our auto policy. I recommend giving us a call at 800.922.4050 to discuss with one of our in-house agents or you can quote online by using this link to the Hagerty Website.