These epic movie cars aren’t your average Walmart grocery-getters


Although we’re barely two weeks into 2019, there’s already a solid contender for best commercial of the year. Walmart’s latest ad for their new curbside grocery pickup service essentially takes your entire childhood-movie Hot Wheels collection and brings that big ol’ toybox to life.

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The Wagon Queen Family Truckster was actually an “eight eye” eyesore. 4 headlights on each side, undoubtedly so you could prevent others from viewing your monstrosity through the massive glare. haha.


What! No General Lee? Probably viewed as racist while tying Warner Bros hands.


OK, here’s just a few missing from the list:

  • '32 Ford coupe from “American Graffiti” (and the '58 Impala and the chopped '50 Merc and Bob Falfa’s '55 Chevy)
  • '50 Ford from “Thunder Road”
  • '34 Ford coupe from “California Kid”
  • '68 Ford Mustang from “Bullit”
  • '70 Dodge Challenger from “Vanishing Point”
  • '77 Firebird from “Smokey and the Bandit”
  • '60, '61 and '63 Corvettes used in the “Route 66” TV series
  • '74 Dodge Monaco patrol car from “Blues Brother” (“cop motor, cop suspension”)
  • the “Munster Coach” from “The Munsters” TV series (saw it driving in the Hines Road cruise last year)


Ford Falcon XB from Mad Max/Road Warrior!!