These Low-mileage Buick Grand National “Twinz” can be yours


Low-mileage Buick Grand Nationals pop up so often that we joke around the Hagerty office that everyone that bought one actually bought two, keeping one parked because they knew it would be a future collectible. That wasn’t the case with Bill Brown, owner of Bill Brown Motors in Shattuck, Oklahoma. Bill kept the mileage low on both 1987 Buick Grand Nationals that he kept in storage. In fact, one shows fewer than 900 miles on the odometer, and the other is under 600 miles.

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I am curious to see how they do. These were offered on EBay and listed as sold for $205,699 in February. The original asking price when they were discovered last year was reported to be $200,000… It will be interesting to see if these cars perform similarly.