These seven classic vehicles have made the biggest gains so far in 2019

Classic car prices are always changing. Maybe not across the board, but at any given time in the hobby some vehicles are getting more expensive while some are getting cheaper. That’s why we update the Hagerty Price Guide three times per year; in May we released our latest round of changes.

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Never been a big Jeep guy, but here is something about the Wagoneer that just appeals to me. Massive but not a landlocked boat, great snow traction and enough room for a small country, with a wide and clean grill like an electric razor. I remember when electronic tuning radios where first coming out, I think the first American Motors application was the Grand Wagoneer, which had a very luxury interior for something with Jeep on it, and theft was rampant.

Wow, the '66 F-100 looks exactly like how mine will appear when I am done with the restoration. A shortbed, two-tone, with the same, later model Ford Truck wheels

'm one of the very few who still own a 1970 (actually 1969.5) Jeep Wagoneer Classic and am getting it ready to finally sell from our one-owner family. It’s an all original, stock, beauty that looks like it just came off the showroom floor! What’s neat about the earlier models is that “Jeep/Kaiser” only made them from 1963 till 1970. In 1971 “Jeep/Kaiser” was purchased by AMC and they became the “AMC/Jeep” Wagoneer with a totally different drive train, color scheme on their logo, etc. My gramps bought it originally, ordered it as a custom from the local Jeep dealership for shipment to him once built, and then my dad bought it from him, then I bought it from my dad in 1984 and have delicately and diligently maintained it since. What an amazing journey for us and this exceptional vehicle, but it’s time to move it on to its retirement with a collector. It will be a sad day, losing a piece of family history, when it eventually finds the collector that can appreciate it, and pay market price for it in such great shape.

Almost bought a '91 560 SEC, but just was not right for me. I have had a couple of SL’s, and they are nice cars and bullet proof. EXPENSIVE to maintain no matter how well you take care of them.

Got a C-2 instead; cost more, MUCH nicer looking in person, I can work on it, and it is fun!

My choice!

Yes, these are all the “soup dejour” and after the market goes stupid they will move on to something else so I don’t even bother, I just buy what I like.

Hey RobRuedy hope you decide to “keep the Jeep” Wagoneer, such great history if you can pass it on to family. I have my grandfathers 67 Mustang he purchased new for my Granmother in 67, 20 years ago no one in my family was interested in keeping it when he passed because it needed an overhaul but I’m glad I did! If you do sell I’d be interstednin it with that history and I sure many others would as well! These days many Jeeps are taking on their own American icon status like the Mustangs have!

Greetings and thanks for the sentiments and interest. Unfortunately no family left to leave it to, so best to move it forward to someone who can appreciate this classic Kaiser/Jeep and its wonderful history. If you’d like to know more about it for possible purchase you can contact me via my Hagerty name/handle at hotmail. Thanks again and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.