These superbly detailed movie car scale models will blow your mind

Eaglemoss is a UK-based company that sells officially licensed collectibles, like figurines of DC and Marvel comic book characters. The firm seems to have the world of fandom covered pretty comprehensively, as its portfolio also includes the WWE, Harry Potter's wizards, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, the Walking Dead, and the Alien and Predator movies. Eaglemoss hasn't ignored car enthusiasts, either, and offers a novel way to get some very detailed 1:8 scale die-cast models of some very cool cars.

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Interesting concept. I once built up a Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia set from monthly issues from a local grocery store. It was the poor man’s version of Encyclopedia Brittanica.

This brings LEGO to another level!

Can I get a Mercedes Benz 1971 280sl

@lawcapesq - Looking at their website and what is available, I don’t see a 280SL. Here’s to hoping they make one in the future!