This 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion travel trailer sold for $351K


In the market for a place to lay your head? Look no further than the Arizona car auctions. Seriously. One bidder who apparently likes to go RVing in style—no, it wasn’t Tom Selleck—slapped down $351,500 for an appropriately named 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion at RM Sotheby’s on Friday night.

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This article has several inaccuracies. There never was any “Spartan Trailer Company.” All trailers were manufactured by the Spartan Aircraft Company which began in 1928. The company certainly never changed their name to “Spartan Manor.” The Manor was the first and only model produced for the first two years of trailer production, 1946 and 1947. Spartans were not “campers” produced for “wealthy clients” but homes for the common man produced on a mass-production assembly line and were able to be purchased with just 20% down through Spartan’s own financial services division. Also, the Royal Mansion was NOT the top of the line in 1951. That would have been the Imperial Mansion with a price of $5250.


Sure would be nice if Hagerty insured vintage travel trailers. As a Spartan owner and Hagerty customer, I’d really love to see this wrt Spartans… but I really wish that Hagerty would insure ANY vehicle/Travel trailer that they include in their magazine and online forum.

I mean, if you’re recommending it as a potential investment - why not be willing to insure it?


@spartantrailermuseum - Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. It appears our writer was referencing the auction house’s description for the details or inaccuracies you mentioned. Is there a different source we can utilize to make corrections? Thank you in advance.


@markwaggy - Thanks for reading. For our website and magazine, we do our best to cover all things automotive, regardless of our current insurance offerings. We are always looking to expand our products on the insurance side. I have passed your suggestion along to our business development team. If you have a photo of your Spartan we would love to see a photo of it!