This 1958 Bentley, once stolen by Saddam Hussein, has returned to its original glory


Of all the perfectly turned-out classics we saw gracing the lawn at the Inn at St. John’s for this year’s Concours of America, none could top the backstory of this 1958 Bentley S1 Continental. Rescued by Jim and Patty George of Clinton Township, Michigan, this sporting four-place convertible coupe was originally sold to an Iraqi crown prince. It logged barely 10,000 miles during its star-crossed Iraqi days.

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Interesting, what ever happen to saddam collection of cars. I understand he was quite a collector. I never have heard exactly what was in his collection but he certainly had the cash to buy what he wanted and enough palaces to store them in. I’ve heard rumors there are cars from his collection buried out in the desert? Some say certain US high ranking officers got some of them out of the country, and others say that during the chaos some were destroyed and some may even be sitting in some common men’s garages plundered from Saddams palaces. Does anyone know for sure. would be an interesting article. HINT! HINT! Hagerty.