This 1967 Chevrolet Nova strings together past, present, and future


James Schiefer came into this world with gasoline in his veins. His grandfather, a post-World War II California hot rodder, was one of the founding members of SEMA. Schiefer’s father, meanwhile, was a national drag racing champion back in the days of the legendary Lions Drag Strip.

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Great video of your ‘67 Nova (except for the automatic! Ha!)


That is one of my most favorite Nova’s. That year and style will never go out of style! Awesome video!!!


That’s what it’s all about…



If you drive in LA traffic, you want an automatic.




James, you’re doing it right. Pass it on to the youngsters that they my learn too. No school like old school. Remember, WE tell the car what to do. NOT the other way around!


Nice story, but I have done most of the wrenching and things that could be done myself, which gives you a heightened sense of accomplishment, especially when things turn out right. Not everyone has the dough to send it off to a shop to get things done. I find it more fun to save a little, spend a little on my car, and do the work myself, whenever I can. When you can feel the changes that you’ve done in the seat of the car, Nirvana


@robertocalderont - Considering he takes that beautiful Nova in southern California traffic, an auto makes a lot of sense.


Great Story! - I’m a fan of the 70-early 80’s Mercedes because of my Grandfather - love the classics!..
A friend in high school had a restored Nova - That car was a beast! :slight_smile: