This 1970 GS Stage 2 could be the baddest Buick ever


People talk a lot about the Grand National and the GNX, but to many Buick faithful, the 1970 Stage 1 455 is the apex of Buick performance. That’s where this story of this badass 1970 Buick GS Stage 2 begins.

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What a car!. I’m deeply, madly, in Love. OK, I love Buicks but this must be the best muscle car of all time.


All that work to restore but they don’t put it back to a 4 speed? I don’t get it?


So, I saw this car at the Mecum Indy 2018 auction a few months ago and it was not as perfect as you might think it should be. I don’t know how old the restoration ago was, but it needed to be freshened up more. It only got to a high bid of $60,000 so I’m not sure how they give it a range of up to $200K? I do love Buicks and it was fun to see and hear the car. JMTC


Good catch! That appearance slipped under the radar. The last appearance before that was at Kissimmee 2016 where it received a high bid of $145,000 and it didn’t look as complete as it does now.

The estimate was based off of that high bid and expanding on the fact that improvements were done since then. Now whether or not it’ll sell is up for debate. Based on past performance, I doubt the seller would let it go for less than the estimate we came up with. Up to the reader to decide whether or not it is actually worth it. My estimate is that the Kenne-Bell car is the one to have and probably limits the price of this one.