This 1972 Chevrolet C10 is Kacy Smith’s escape vehicle

Pickup trucks were designed to get work done. Bare-bones and sturdy, a pickup like Kacy Smith’s green 1972 Chevrolet C10 has years of service in its wake, but now it is in semi-retirement and gets to relax—and help Kacy relax at the same time.

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Change the green to blue and it’s my dad’s truck when I was a kid. I’d have no problem driving one as nice as hers all the time.

67-72 GM trucks ride pretty decent. Sure, they aren’t as floaty/posh as a 64 Buick LeSabre (for example), but they are probably better than the average 54 and earlier cars. And that is if you keep it all stock --aftermarket for these is huge now.

If a truck makes her happy great. Everyone should drive something that makes them happy whether it’s an old LaFrance fire truck or a 90s Civic.

@pepperalls - This truck rides okay… In my opinion it rode better before it was restored. Maybe the suspension just needs some more miles on it. Not real sure. I am also more acclimated to sportier cars of that era, and trucks of the '90s. That might be shaping my opinion a bit.

I absolutely LOVE your truck Kacy…and can see why you do as well. I bought my 1971 Chev over 20 years ago (as my first ever vehicle) and still enjoy taking her out for a ride every now and again when the weather is nice. It came from an old farm not far from my house and my dad and I have enjoyed tinkering with it over the years. We replaced the original 250 motor with a 350 which has some decent power…Girls with Trucks rock!!


The timing of this article is so funny… Just last week, I bought my first “classic” truck, a 1972 C10, completely original, very low mileage, a plain Jane longbox half ton.

I have to say? I’ve totally fallen in love. It’s relaxing to drive in a reassuring sort of way, and already feels like an old friend. I can’t wait for some longer summer nights with it, and suspect it’ll get more use than my other hobby car.

Enjoy it, Kacy!


Keep it real Kacy. I still have my first love, and one owner medium blue 72’. This is a base truck, three on the tree, no rear bumper, radio delete, 250 CI straight six. A friend and I built a rear bumper out of 6" channel iron, I cut out plywood and lined the bed. I bought it March 20, 1972 and drove it away for $2,450. I was a sophomore in college at the time and when I drove it back after spring break it was unique on campus. Everyone else was coveting a Mustang or GTO you get my drift. I built and installed a 4-bolt main 350 from a parts 72’ in 1989, changed to floor shifter and cleaned it up really well and drive it once or twice a week for utility and fun. I am now 68 years old and she is 48.

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Great timing. Just picked up a 1980 Chevrolet C20 for my wife a few weeks ago. Nice colors though needed a bunch of unanticipated repairs to make it reliable. Although it is ostensibly for her Lowes runs I love driving it. .

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