This 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia is all about the adventure


Every time I’ve been to Tyler Hamersma’s house, there is a different hodge-podge of cars in the driveway. Hamersma can’t abide idle hands, so to keep busy and make a few extra bucks on the side, he buys, fixes, and flips VWs, Audis, and BMWs. But the constant amidst this flux of German metal is Charlotte, his 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia.

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I love this article… Funny thing is, I contacted Hagerty about insurance for my 1990 Westfalia that is in outstanding condition and they said they couldn’t. I’m assuming Tyler has his van with Hagerty, has something changed? If so, I’d like to chat about it.



@mikedececcovt - Give us a call and one of our licensed agents would be happy to talk through any changes that have occurred to our program since your last discussion. Out phone number is 800-922-4050.


Thanks Kyle! Much appreciated.


I was going to point out the same irony. Water cooled Westfalia values are not listed in the price guide either, despite intense interest coming from a younger, highly valuable consumer. The opportunity is obvious, but does not seem to be recognized by Hagerty at this point, except, perhaps, by the guys in the marketing department. :slight_smile:


Make that #3!!

Despite the VW T3/T25 Vanagon CamperGL & other Westfalia Full Campers being relatively low production, low survivorship at this juncture, & having become highly collectable with prices rising over the past 2 decades - only slowing & flattening out a bit during the 2008-10 “Great Recession” - but Hagerty continues to ignore them in both their pricing guides & insurance programs.

Kyle - are you saying that Hagerty does now cover them?
Your reply to Mike is very unclear.

Hagerty does so in favor of older Splitty & Bay Window Buses of all types - of which there are probably 2-5x more out there - than the 80-92 Westy Full Camper Vanagons! Why ignore the next gen of T3 VW Bus (T25 in the UK), most of which are now past the 25 year Classic Car milestone, with the last of them from 1992 MY reaching it last year 2017.

It’s time to step up Hagerty, & start tracking their values in your pricing guide, & to insure them for those who want your coverage. GoWesty.com has tracked sales of some of the best condition restored Westfalias at their website, as I’ve previously advised Hagerty.

However, for anyone wanting to use their Westy camper for more than just on display at a car show - you should be aware that Hagerty insurance limits the vehicle’s usage under their policies, & there may be other regular &/or classic car insurance options out there which better suit your needs.

Tom T
Orange CA
1988 Vanagon CamperGL Westfalia Full Camper, orig. owners, 2012-13 resto

PS - Ooops! I forgot to post a pic of our Westy, with the new to us 1970 Eriba Puck:

And like Charlotte, we also camp in our “Big Girl” & go to Vintage Trailer Rallies, which is where the Puck comes in - first trip with it this weekend.

end ////


That is a great video and a gorgeous Westy. I just insured my 1985 Westy, “Joan” with Hagerty. I get offers every month to buy her. Everything works; stove, sink, even the fridge. A lot of it is original parts. I changed the bumpers and the wheels.


Thanks for your kind words! All of Charlotte’s internals also work aside from the fridge, which i have removed in leu of a closet conversion. I really like Joan’s color combo!


Thats an amazing setup! Are you still running your original 2.1L WBX? if so, id be interested to see how well it tows that camper.


@catrischler - It is a vehicle we can consider, but there are additional guidelines that can vary by state. It’s always best to speak with one of our agents to see if the coverage is right for your situation.


I have a 1985 Westfalia Weekender. Identical to this van minus the kitchen equipment. Year after year Hagerty denies me coverage when I admit hat I actually camp in it. This article is a fluff piece.


I’m in the same boat - nice video and I have a similar story but the good folks at Hagerty, while insuring my ‘88 VW Vanagon Doka, And a ‘51 Chevy Truck, they won’t touch my ‘87 Syncro Westfalia because it’s a camper.

PS- 95 hp no more… you like speed @hamersmt?
Install a 1.8T and bring the sportscar along. 200hp — and 240 If chipped for performance. :wink:


Awesome Video but like most say: Not being able to Insure is an issue, I would honestly rather send my hard earned money to Hagerty than my “normal” insurer for my 90 Syncro Westy, but Hagerty says no in IL… I’m patiently waiting for Hagerty to catch up with the times… such a great company otherwise.


You were fortunate to have a 2.1 that made just a little more power :stuck_out_tongue: Future plans include a 1.8t swap with an upgraded turbo and a tune. I am very familiar with the MKIV platform and its drivetrain so thats my first choice as a swap!


Loved the article and video!
I agree that Hagerty needs to pay more attention to VW buses & vanagons! They’re hugely popular, have loyal & dedicated owners, and their values are going through the roof!
FYI: I have a '79 Westy insured w/ Hagerty and recently took it on a cross country trip w/ my family. pedro_4331-miles