This 1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 was worth the 22-year wait


Mark Hutchinson remembers the day he learned that drivers in Japan had all sorts of cars that he wasn’t allowed to have.

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Mark do you know what happened to the 240SZ that Nissan use to sell here in the US?


@davebaker364 - Can’t say I am familiar with the 240SZ, unless you you meant to type 240SX which is a common Nissan model stateside.


I’m sorry that’s what I meant to say! It seems they just fell off the face of the earth!


@davebaker364 - The 240SX hasn’t seemed to gain in the collector market the same way its older sibling the 240Z has. A younger enthusiast crowd has certainly latched onto to the quick handling 240SX though, and the market for them is at least warm, if not hot, though many of the cars are still being used up rather than driven with care that many classics enjoy.


Ah, one of the more rare “GOOD” looking Nissan’s.


Hard to remember that Nissan was actually able to build a car that looked good at one time. Compare this beauty with today’s abominable Juke (Joke?)


I suspect that if the market for Skylines and 1990s Z-Cars remains hot then collectors will find their way over to the 89-93 240SX as a surrogate.


Nice lookin car, about 10 here in Guam. Friend of my 22 year old just brought one in.


Here on the west coast 240 SX’s are fairly common. They are popular autocross and drift cars and I have seen a number of them with LS conversions. Other than the 240 Z’s, the second gen 240’s are probably Nissan’s best looking car.