This 1997 Camaro SS Anniversary Edition is a rare breed


Early fourth-generation Chevrolet Camaros are just reaching the magic 25-year-old mark. Introduced in 1993 (and continuing through 2002), they offered a lot of improvements from the previous generation, which dated back to the depths of the malaise era.

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I’ll add to this. The 30th Anniversary SS is a rare and desirable version of this car, but there is an even rarer variant. SLP also did a run of 100 cars where they installed the 330HP LT4 from the Corvette GS. Other than the ZL1 Super Cars from 2002, the 30th Anniversary SS LT4 is perhaps the most collectible 4th Gen Camaro, adding further credit to how cool this car is.


@Greg - Not sure why, but no matter how many times I read the numbers and review how rare this generation of F-body is, I still struggle to see the collectability. I know I will get to taste my words in the near future since values are already on the uptick for even just good examples.


@Kyle That’s okay that you don’t get it, not everyone is as unrefined as I am.


The original listing expired without the car reaching its reserve. It is listed again with a Buy-It-Now price of $12,995, more than $1,000 less than its original Buy-It-Now price of $13,998.