This ’66 Volkswagen bus was a foot soldier in the civil rights movement

The green and white Volkswagen Microbus was a familiar sight trundling in and around Charleston, South Carolina, in the late 1960s. VW buses were uncommon in the American South, and this one stood out particularly, with hand lettering on the back that read: “LOVE IS PROGRESS, HATE IS EXPENSIVE.” On the left side were the words “Citizen’s Committee’s Credit Union & Citizenship Projects.” Almost invariably, the bus was driven by Esau Jenkins, with his neatly trimmed mustache, habitual bow tie, and a face made for smiling. Without fail, riding beside him was his wife, Janie B. Jenkins.

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“LOVE IS PROGRESS, HATE IS EXPENSIVE.” If we could only take this to heart in today’s atmosphere!

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Amen, Sister; I’m with you!

“Windup windows”? Someone needs a lesson in early Microbuses! :slight_smile:

They were two piece windows and the forward piece would slide backwards. The rest of the windows either didn’t open at all or operated like hatches that opened them at the front or back a couple of inches.

This is really cool and I’m glad it’s not being restored, but preserved. Are the plans to make it complete and running or just as a stationary piece or is it too early to know?