This 7000-mile twin-turbo Toyota Supra just sold for $121,000


A pristine 1994 Toyota Supra just sold for $121,000 on Bring a Trailer, making it the most expensive factory Supra ever sold at auction. Yes, the Supra is now officially a six-figure car. After reaching $90,000, bidding calmed for more than a day until the closing minutes when a bidding frenzy kicked the final price to this wild result. With only 7111 miles on the odometer, it also makes it one of the lowest-mileage examples that has sold recently, although a shocking number of Supras appear to be well-preserved. They’re practically the Japanese counterpart to the Buick Grand National.

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I think that people are going to scoff at this, and it likely is a little inflated, but why shouldnt they be worth near 6 figures? This was an incredibly expensive, limited production car in its day. This was the pinnacle of Japanese performance, and performed in-line with 911’s of the day.


For sure they are! Our guy in Hagerty’s valuation department who watches these talks to a guy who is tied to the Supra crowd and follows private sales. According to them, six-figure Supras have been the norm for a while now in the peer to peer sales venue, we just haven’t seen it spill over to public sales until now.


Crazy! Well, at least I feel a little more validated now haha


Greg, that’s crazy! I had no idea these low mileage cars were selling for 6 figures. Great info! Thanks.


Back in like 1999 and 2000, before The Fast and The Furious came out I used to see used 93’, 94’ and 95’ MKIV’s with the same specs as this example going for $15,000 to $20,000. I remember as soon as TF&TF hit the scene prices instantly almost doubled and have just kept rising since. I may be a little biased, but I’d have no problem dropping 6 figure sums on an MKIV with similar stats if I was well off enough to do it. Wouldn’t even bat an eye.