This 9-second electric Camaro is how COPO celebrates 50 years


The 2019 model year marks the 50th anniversary for GM’s COPO program, and Chevrolet just revealed its big birthday surprise at the 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Known as the eCOPO, this nine-second, all-electric Camaro is looking to solidify EVs in the realm of drag racing. Looking back, however, Chevy’s reveal of a bright-yellow Camaro hue known as Shock might have been an early hint. We see what you did there, Chevy.

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The COPO designation is so closely associated with gnarly big-blocks in my brain that it is taking some adjustment to be okay with the thought of electric COPO.


Hmmmm, no audio, bet it sounds just like a big slot car. Ho hum Zzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry, nodded off. If moving fast is the only goal, try a steam powered catapult.


Since Tesla refuses to sell their components individually, if GM goes through with an electric conversation crate engine, this will sell hugely.