This barn-find Porsche 356A could soon get a new lease on life

Everyone goes buck-wild over the 911, but don’t sleep on it’s predecessor, the 356—especially ones that have themselves been asleep in a barn for decades. Get your paint guns and wrenches (and your checkbooks) ready—there’s a Porsche 356A/1600 speedster project car going up for sale at Worldwide’s Corpus Christi Old Car Museum Auction.

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That is one fairly rough Porsche but will fetch about…$75000 ?

Looks like too much work to me.
Your buying the factory numbers on the car.

You will not touch that car for $75,000.
I doubt it will be had for twice that amount.

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This proves “barn find” is an overused term. That’s just another extremely rough project car that needs a very extensive restoration, and looks like it has many missing parts. 30 years ago it would be barely considered a parts car.

Doors, hood and rear lid from a different car or just @ different prep stage?

Not to mention the newer looking rocker panels. Despite engine matching component, this is not all original and as such should be reflected in a true price for this car. Unfortunately people are so overly excited about “barn find” that they will stumble over each other to get at this car. I think if the day ever comes where I sell mine, I will park it in my friend’s barn for a couple of weeks (collecting some dust), before putting it up for sale just to see the response to my “barn find” advertisement.

Uh-huh 911gt. Yeah, maybe a thick coat dirt and dust and chicken feathers adds another $10k – $30K for barn find status!? I won’t have to do this for my garage queen ’86 M491, just will have to wait another 20 years and it will be ready itself!

Hahahahaha thank you for your knowledge :+1:

30 years ago is not today my dear :heart:

you might need to shove it?

Despite all grumblings here…it fetched more than $200k!!!:wink:

My question is, are prices and the future, of 356 Porsche’s done? With most of the old car market slumping because the next generation is not digging what we have, what old cars survive as still viable. I’m nervous about buying a 356 now, because after you put some money into restoration, I don’t want to be under water.