This barn-find Shelby GT350H Mustang is a long-hidden Rent-A-Racer


Just when it seems like there couldn’t possibly be any more interesting barn finds left to uncover, another gem makes its world debut. Barnfinds.com reader Shawn S. recently assisted in the discovery of this Shelby GT350H hiding away in a senior citizen's garage. Not only is it rare given that it’s an early Shelby Mustang, but that “H” designation hanging off the end indicates it’s also one of around 1000—depending on who you ask—Rent-A-Racers produced for Hertz in 1966.

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HA ! I can hear it now…“I’m gonna fix her up some day” said the owner who is 80 years old.


I’m 75 and I’m restoring my second 65 mustang. The first one is my daily driver weather permitting and it has won 3 trophies at car shows in New England


Kudos whd1965. I’m 67 and still at it as well. As I get older, I sure do ‘feel it’ when I come in from the shop.
As for the Mustang, I hope that it gets a proper restoration. Certainly shows that there are still treasures out there to be discovered, even if the best of them get priced way out of the average person’s budget.


Wow. That’s a #4 car worth between $100K and $120K? I’m 73 and own a '69 Mustang Meadowlark Yellow convertible that has won 31 awards since I started showing it 20 years ago. I can’t kneel anymore so I can’t really work on it, but I would never sell it. Its '69 SportsRoof garage mate is off getting reconditioned as I write. The convertible has been the source of many great experiences and the beginning of many long friendships. One of my “club mates” had a red Shelby GT350H. I was told that they were available in both white and red as well as the more common black. Is that true?


Hey I’m 75 myself and recently acquired a 641/2 coupe that is mostly original. I had bought a 641/2 in 1965 and kept it 5 years. I recently got the urge to get another one . I really enjoy working on mine. I’ve had to do a lot of needed maintenance on this one but really enjoy having a piece of history. They aren’t making any more '65 mustangs . So no matter how old we get we still enjoy our cars…


I ordered a new '64 1/2 from a dealer w/a 390, manual transmission and overdrive. I was told the delivery was delayed because the transmission had to come from the US (I live in Canada). Then I received a letter from Ford telling me that the order was cancelled because they were starting to retool for the '65s. Sure wish that I had kept that letter.


There were also dark green GT350H’s. They may have been '66s.


I’m 68 and still work on my #'s matching '69 Mach 1. Yes some jobs aren’t as easy as they were but it’s still fun. if that car’s a #4 I wonder what my 351C w/ 35000 miles is worth?


@lyonseed - You’re in luck. The Hagerty Valuation Tool is avliable to answer your question. Here is a link to the '69 Mustang Mach 1 with the four-barrel 351.


I have a red 66 GT350H. The majority of the Hertz cars came in black and they did about 50 each of the remaining colors available in 66. To me the blue and the white variants are very striking with gold stripes.


Looks like there are a lot of older guy out there that are still in love with their older Mustangs. I am also one of those. I have a 1966 Mustang that my parents bought on June 6, 1966. When I got it about 20 years ago they were about to send it off to the junk yard. I stopped them and restored it so that now it is close to pristine condition. It has become my daily driver - although admittedly only when the weather allows! It is ALWAYS a pleasure to walked into my garage and see it sitting there waiting for additional TLC.


The 390ci wasn’t even offered in a Mustang until the 1967 model year, so I find it shocking that Ford would have allowed you to order a 390ci engine for a car 3 years before it was available in the model lineup. The 1964 1/2 (of which there really were none) front suspension would never hold up to the weight of a 390ci engine unless some serious modifications were done by Ford, just to your car, just for your order. If you had a letter like that from Ford proving all of that, it would indeed be priceless.


I didn’t order a Mustang, I ordered a Galaxie.