This Barris-era Batmobile build is a must-have for any caped crusader


You see the Batsignal, tighten your cape, and run down the stairs to jump in your… Camry? If ever your late-night caped crusading needed a more appropriate support vehicle, that time is now. Lucky for you, this 1966 Batmobile recreation is up for grabs.

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It would be cool to own a bat mobile…but honestly 175 to 225k for a car not having a title…not registereable? No way…id would want to drive it from time to time


@acj504191 - I agree. I know the new owner likely could get it street registered in many states with just a little effort, but for that money I am certainly purchasing a car that is ready to go on a road trip.

Then again, Batmobile road trip does sound pretty appealing…