This budget-destroying Corvette project is the 4x4 you definitely need

From Florida, the land of the Keys, palm trees, and retirees, comes this oddball work-in-progress, a 1990 C4 Corvette body atop a shortened Ford 4x4 chassis. Spotted on eBay by Barnfinds.com with just a day remaining, this truck-car hybrid has already met its reserve with a bid of just over $1100. Considering it needs new tires and currently rides on some massive 44-inchers, better budget at least twice that for new rubber. And that’s just a start.

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Would be an interesting project for sure, would fit right in with the two Benz on Jeeps and the one Nova on a Blazer around here.

I once put a Chevette body on a shortened Chev 3/4 ton frame. It looked cool but I ruined a good plough truck in the process…

I just don’t get why a person would invest their time and money in this project. I wouldn’t.

@jeffantman - And there are folks out there who could never in their wildest dreams find enjoyment in what you do. Different strokes for different folks. It’s a good thing really.

I agree. I truly enjoy reading about people who do things with cars I don’t have the resources to take on. I guess I’m just not creative enough to understand what about this was their dream and wonder if there is an interesting story behind it. It looks half done. First half uses 10% of the budget and schedule, second half 90% of the budget and schedule. Second half for sale.