This Continental cruiser was Auburn’s best bargain

I was the seller of this car. The reason it went for so cheap is that it had a rusted frame, with big holes in it in several places. This was not discovered until the car was off the block, in the still for sale lot. The car was a no sale on the block. I did not realize how bad the car was underneath, as I had it trucked up via transporter and was not under the car. It was in a long storage for many years. To repair the frame would have been a costly repair and it did not seem worth it to have it fixed. Sotheby’s told me due to their policy, the car had to sold and classified as a parts car. Just thought the forum would like to know why the car was sold so cheap.

It is funny how they left all the facts out, about the sale of this vehicle.

Thanks for the clarification. I hope you didn’t take touch of a beating on it.