This father-son barn find duo in Alaska owns Jim Wangers’ 1969 Trans Am 400


Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter is always offering tips to anyone with an interest in discovering hidden old cars. Some of his greatest hits: Go to local shows and meetups to make friends; keep an eye out for cars in driveways, yards, and open garages; and when meeting a potential seller, it helps to show up in an old car to break the ice and let them know you’re not just a looky-loo.

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Great collection, but the convertible is not a 64-1/2. Being a C code it is a true 65 made after July 31, 1964.


What car is Tom driving on his way to meet them? Did he borrow it from someone or was it shipped up for this episode? Shame it wasn’t mentioned in the show.


Tom seems to be more enamored with the Fords than the fantastic Pontiacs.


As a Trans Am owner… That was an incredible find! Never guess that Alaska is a collectors heaven! Really enjoy your series Barn Finder, Tom!


@PPGORBENKO - Tom would be the first to tell you he is a Ford guy, though he has an appreciation for everything.


I like the fact that they all ran and drove.


All great cars but frankly, I’m sick of reading about barn finds.


Actually, Jim Wangers wasn’t a Pontiac executive - he was with Pontiac’s ad agency (McManus, John & Adams) in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan), where he was the account executive for the Pontiac account. One of the great “car guys”, and nobody was better connected to Pontiac than he was. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh crap!! You lost me when you said “this is one of one”


A really rare one would be a '69 with a so-called 303c.i., made by Pontiac to compete with the DZ block 302 Z28 Camaro. I think the 303 was just a proto-type, never released to the public???


About the69 Cobra I have one with Auto and clock also the three chrome trim on the fastback panel ane not present.


I’ll take that Firebird TransAm all the way!


So it looks like there are 2 First trans am’s. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hotrod.com/articles/huge-find-first-1969-pontiac-firebird-trans-ever-made/amp/