This gorgeous factory Maserati racer might be the most stunning car in Monterey

It’s not often that a factory Maserati racer heads to the auction block, and the 1954 A6GCS that’s featured at RM Sotheby’s Monterey Car Week auction is among the best examples to ever leave the Fiandri & Malagoli body shop. This spyder is arguably one of the most beautiful Maseratis ever built, and it has a fine racing heritage to sweeten the deal. In person, this car would stop any vintage car enthusiast in their tracks.

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Where’s the “gorgeous” car?

If you compare it’s sensuous lines with all the other later era cars discussed in this issue of Hagerty News, it is indeed, gorgeous.

Anyone who doesn’t think this car is beautiful should be driving a Prius. It is truly amazing how beautiful cars from 60 years ago can be compared to the crap turned out today.


Give me a 54 Corvette!