This hot 1971 Trans Am is the junkyard mashup of your wildest dreams

Larry Chen’s latest Hoonigan Autofocus video features one of the wildest creations we’ve seen, an all-wheel-drive 1971 Trans Am with the five-speed manual transmission from an R32 Skyline GT-R and an active center differential from an R33.

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I’m a die hard Poncho fan and I have to say, this is awesome!

A 5.3L is close enough to a 326, I’m all for it.

Love the stance and look of this car. Great job!!!

Just too bad it’s NOT a Trans Am. It is a Formula model.

Awesome commentary. Love the detail in the build like the 5 axle shafts that are interchangeable. Enough talk, lets see it perform. Not really in to watching video of someone taking pics.