This hot 1971 Trans Am is the junkyard mashup of your wildest dreams

Larry Chen’s latest Hoonigan Autofocus video features one of the wildest creations we’ve seen, an all-wheel-drive 1971 Trans Am with the five-speed manual transmission from an R32 Skyline GT-R and an active center differential from an R33.

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I’m a die hard Poncho fan and I have to say, this is awesome!

A 5.3L is close enough to a 326, I’m all for it.

Love the stance and look of this car. Great job!!!

Just too bad it’s NOT a Trans Am. It is a Formula model.

Awesome commentary. Love the detail in the build like the 5 axle shafts that are interchangeable. Enough talk, lets see it perform. Not really in to watching video of someone taking pics.

They went over that in the video, but considering it’s made for turning corners and you can see the engine shake from the driver seat, we’re OK with it.