This Mazda-restored Miata may be the most perfect example out there


Ikuchi Island, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan—Keiji Nishimoto is making tea. He measures out the green matcha with a bamboo spoon, adds hot water, then whisks it thoroughly and carefully before handing the bowl over to his guest. Ritual is important: lift and cup the bowl in the left hand, turning it clockwise with the right, once, twice, three times. A little too far. Nishimoto-san chuckles, “Oversteer.”

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Even given the considerable cost, I know some here in North America who would jump at the chance to put their car thru such a process.


@Jim I saw your comment and I thought I know people like that as well. Then I thought about it again, I have a Miata, I bought it used when I graduated college in 2000. I personally put 130,000 miles on that car, I drove it to weddings, funerals, took my kids for rides, auto crossed, went on dates, went to the hospital, and a lot of other things. That is my Miata, I do the maintenance I replaced the top in my back yard, I did the timing belt in a friend’s garage. It has exactly 6 modifications, none exceptionally cosmetic and all of them could be easily undone in less than one day. As new Miatas are getting higher in price I could still afford one, but for not a whole lot more I could keep mine and have it the way it was when new. Given the choice between two new Miatas to drive into retirement I will take the one that comes with all my memories. Miata is always the answer, but sometimes MY Miata is always the better answer for me.


:+1: I hear ya @bblhed. You’ve owned a car for a while, and turned what seems like every bolt at least once. Probably swapped some blood for grease and said naughty words as you did it. Now…where you go, the car goes. I think they call that bonding.