This mid-engine Corvette C8 rear end sure looks real

Ladies and gentlemen, witness the end of the Corvette. Good bye.

I have a beautiful Monterey Red C6 convertible bought new. But I still miss my red and white 59 which I bought used in Long Beach after returning from the Apollo 11 recovery.

Civic hybrid, please. Mid engine with two trunks… Civic… corners like it’s on rails.

Boy, sure are a lot of whiners here. I can’t wait to get a close up in person look at what I expect to be the most cutting edge technology every to be produced in what I also expect to be the most cutting edge styling. To listen to most of you you’d rather see a '53. I just wish I could afford one.

In the not too distant future when cars are self driving, there won’t be a need for taillights. What will those designers do then? So everyone… stop whining about the style and enjoy the fact that you can still “drive”!

Wow, it’s a bad day if you’ve always been a corvette lover I guess. I haven’t liked any corvette aside from the C1 until the C7 came out. And let’s be honest you would have to like the old tail light design what with all of the time you would spend pushing one to the side of the road. One of the most unreliable nameplates ever made over the last 40 years. If they can get the mechanicals right I would leave others to view the tail end while I enjoy the ride. P.S. someone mentioned ordering one and I’d like to know how as to date my dealer doesn’t even have the ability to order one as no specs were released as of 7/16 @ 3pm.

To have the only corvette that I have ever owned be a rear engine car that doesn’t go on auction right in the showroom with a starting bid of $150,000 14 years ago will be just fine and I have no intention of parking it in a balloon for 20 years as an investment. I am going to drive the wheels off of it like it was meant to just because I can!

Your attempt at trolling is quite amateur at best. The I can’t think of anyone who can honestly call a Chevy V8 unreliable. I could see your point if they put a 5.7L GM diesel in it, but they didn’t.


Now that is a good point. But, then, has the Corvette ever enjoyed a quality reputation?

To be more specific, everything besides the engine.