This Mustang sat in my barn for 37 years, going to the MOM, Mustang Owner's Museum in April


I do not know if you call it a barn find if you actually put it in the barn? I ordered a 1973 Mustang Mach 1 and in 1982 drove it to the pole barn and been there since. Has 12,200 miles on it. I ordered with about every option, has 32 factory installed options and 9 dealer so 41 options in all. It is so far the highest optioned Mustang ever sold.
I was at the MOM in Charlotte last April for the show and celebration for the Mustang and talked with Steve who is in charge of the Museum. I told him about the car and he was interested in having it in the museum for the Grand Opening in April 2019.
So I did receive an official invitation to display my car in late January. I pulled the car out of the barn down to my garage. It has not been washed in 37 years but kept a car cover on it. Of course it was a mice hotel so taking everything out washing and putting back on. Not a restoration just a detail job. It will of course be displayed with a Deluxe Marti, original order form, window stickers, had two window stickers could not get all options on one, dealer invoice and the Ford invoice. The sticker price was $5,156.90 and I paid $4,803.95 with tax. The owner of the dealership said I was crazy to buy a Mustang with all those options that it would never be worth anything.
So if you want to see a well optioned Mach 1 head to the MOM for the 55 celebration in April.
The picture is how it looks coming from the barn. Can only put one pic.

The wheels and tire are for just moving around has the factory forged aluminum wheels and Goodyear RWL.
Lots of cleaning and elbow grease but will get it there.


You… were a smart man! Love to find one like that near me.