This one-owner $9995 2016 Miata w/BBS is the real deal

Is the ND-generation Miata the greatest sports car of the 21st century? If it isn’t, it’s certainly on the podium. Resale values have been exceptionally strong so far, and that’s particularly true for the most desirable “ND1” of all: the six-speed manual transmission Club spec with the BBS/Brembo upgrade.

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Were this a private party sale, I’d say it was a good deal for everyone. Instead, it is sitting on an independent used car lot. Chances are that this car was a trade-in at a new car dealer who paid somewhere between four and seven grand in real money as a trade allowance.

If various political antics don’t cause a meaningful percentage of seemingly brainwashed voters to come to their senses, we’re seeing the closing act for middle-class enthusiast cars. It makes a new MX5 seem pretty tempting, but I haven’t found a decent Mazda dealer in thirty years of trying. The used ones are likely to be pretty cheap in coming weeks, but I really want one with the 181 horsepower engine, and that means new. I don’t know if a Mazda warranty will be honored in 2021, but I still want the best performing four cylinder naturally aspirated sports car I can get.

@cj1 - You feel as though Mazda is going to fail within the 9 months left in this calendar year?

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