This or That: Volvo station wagon edition

For a longroof enthusiast, this is a great week to be car shopping. We found not one but two super-clean Swedish wagons in search of new owners on Bring a Trailer. Whether your preference is the boxy 1990s or the curvy ’60s, keep that checkbook close by, Volvo fans. We found both versions, and the team has been debating which would be a cooler ride. Now we need your help to settle it. Here are the choices:

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Can I have an 850 R? Is that a thing?

Seriously though, for a daily driver, I want the 240. For a weekend car, I will take the old one.

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Chrome would go home with me, another vote for the older model…

It also helps that it looks like the VW Squareback somewhat. Surprised VW didn’t get sued for how similar it looked.

Back at home, I knew a kid who had either an older Saab or an old Volvo from that 60s era… It wasn’t a station wagon, but some sort of fast back. It was pretty nice. His dad was a well-respected doctor in our area.

Just sold (sadly) my 1989 740 Turbo Intercooler, 5-speed wagon. With over 300k miles, no body rust & all mechanicals original for $3,000. This wagon, with 3rd seat, will appreciate in value & is a wonderful driver. I had it for 27 years; it was just time to let it go & it found a good home with a Volvo enthusiast.DSC01494|690x460

I had a better Volvo Wagon. It was a silver 740 GL immaculate but converted to a great daily driver by Greg Converse with a 5.0 Mustang engine and other upgrades. He seems my moniker: VolvoSleeper!

Putting a V-8 into the 740 is exactly what my older son wanted to do. I resisted because I wanted to keep it stock.

I took my 1993 240 Classic wagon on a 7,450 mile trip this summer. Fully loaded with bike, rocket box, luggage for two and camping gear. 7 passes over 10,000’. 75 mph cruising on I-40 with the AC. This car has immense utility. The 122 could do all that too less some creature comforts.