This Supercharged MR2 is a high school sweetheart


Everyone has a story about the one that got away—the car they regret passing on, or, worse, regret selling. To often we just live with the tinge of regret, wondering what if. Esteban Di Masi decided to turn “what if” into “why not.”

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Unbelievable story! So he bought back his first car, 13 years later and the guy only put 1,500 miles on it. Wow he got crazy lucky! I remembered everyone having these MR2s in the 80/90s and the owners swore by them. What an awesome car to have as a first car. Good for him. Great article and can’t wait to see how it turns out.


I bought my 1991 MR2 new in the fall of 1990 when Toyota introduced the smoother, more rounded body style. Now a garage queen, it is a wonderful car. It will likely outlast me.


Great story!! Similarly, I had cars that I sold that somehow find their way back to me. One was a 1988 Toyota Celica AllTrac Turbo I owned and sold in New York 14 years ago, found it’s way to Seattle at Dirtfish Rally School, and I just moved from NYC to Seattle and saw what looked to me my old car, and checking the VIN it was… I bought my car back.

Anyways, to keep this on topic, I’m a huge MR2 fan and owner. Bought my first one in 2001 and had at least one since then (minus the period of time I sold my first MR2 for a Lotus Exige S). Back then (early 2000s) Hagerty would not insure the MR2 for certain owners and others such as me had success. Of course now, it is definitely a classic and Hagerty will insure it and feature it in their articles and Being A Trailer will have them occasionally. My current ride is a 1986 (MK1a) 2-tone (“Sherwood”) sunroof model and a 2000 Spyder. I absolutely love the boxy styling, how easy the car is to work on, reliable (my daily is a BMW X5), and most of all, how direct and manual the driving experience is. Always a smile when I see or drive a deuce.


What an awesome story ! I do wonder how the owner never drove it because the key was missing, yet Di Masi was able to drive it home immediately. I always thought I would keep my first, an 88 Lebaron convertible , but I ended up selling it for a 95 Camaro convertible which I was going to keep until it was the victim of a flood. I still miss them both, enjoy your old friend again !