This sweet Kammback prototype is one of the rarest Pontiac Trans Ams ever


Pontiac had a really bad habit of showing off cool Trans Am wagon concepts and then not putting them into production. We’re not saying that building more sporty shooting brakes would have kept the brand around, but we’re not not saying that, either.

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How about this Bone-head move that GM did. 1999 Nomad rear wheel retro car. I would have ordered one in a “heartbeat”. But it was also the time they introduced the doomed-before-it-was-built Pontiac Aztec. They picked the Aztec over the Nomad…unbelievable. Sales were so bad that they gave 7000 units to regular car sales folks just to get them on the street.
Sometimes, the Big Boys, just know their audience. Obviously all it takes today is a silver cookie-cutter car with gray interior and a design crease through the door handles and you have a winner.


Here is a link to the auction listing on the Mecum web site, for those who might be interested.


That makes me a bit nauseous.


Show up at the Field and Gun Club in that “shooting brake” and you’d better be ready for buckshot.
Oh, and my shotgun cases have more padding than that rear seat cushion.


I agree. It’s butt ugly and probably a good thing they they only made four of them. The TR6 shooting brake conversions are good looking, as are Volvo 1800ES’s. Also the Tesla Model S shooting brake is good looking.

The shooting brake add-on looks like a malignant growth.


Yep, I think the Brass knew this wasn’t going to sell well enough to recover costs. Rare doesn’t equate to desirable and it sure ain’t sweet in my world.
Sometimes “rare” means no one wanted them so very few got sold new… :wink:


I don’t get these. The Mustangs, the Corvettes, the Astom Martin’s, now the Firebird. They all look like tacked on afterthoughts and the idea of adding practicality to a muscle car contradicts the point of owning one. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And ugly!


The world was denied the Kammback but did get a Notchback in 1988/89.



I dont care how rare it is. That is one UGLY car !!! And slow as molasses …