This Toy Story Pizza Planet Toyota pickup is Radwood gold


Has a movie tribute car ever filled you with so much nostalgia that it stopped you dead in your tracks? Well, a 1983 Toyota Pickup recreating Toy Story’s Pizza Planet delivery truck had that exact effect on me when I first laid eyes on it this morning. And for $2500, it could absolutely be the winning ticket for the increasingly-popular 1980s- and ’90s-friendly car events, such as Radwood and Concours d’Lemons, that have been massively successful with both Millennial and Gen X enthusiasts.

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Hi, Brett

Where in Colorado is the truck located? I live in Fort Collins, and we have a place called “Totally 80’s Pizza and Museum”, and I might have seen this truck, or a similar one.

  • Jim


Hi Jim,

Unfortunately, It appears that the craigslist ad for the pickup has been taken down. It’s possible that the little Pizza Planet pickup has now found itself a new home.



Yeah, after I replied I went and looked for the CL posting, and it said taken down by owner.