This unrestored 1932 Alfa Romeo P3 Tipo B has stories to tell

So many classic and collector cars have interesting stories of how they survived over the years, but this 1932 Alfa Romeo P3 Tipo B has not just one, or two, but a handful of tales to tell from its 88 years of motoring. With ties to teams like Scuderia Ferrari, races like the Indianapolis 500 under its belt, and an owner who isn’t afraid to drive the snot out of it today, could this be the most interesting car in the world?

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Love that she drives it.

This was arguably the coolest car at Amelia this year. Just bonkers.


I wonder if Jennie has a single / available sister ?

I love the “off center” spoke steering wheel. Very cool.

Perfect patina :heart_eyes:

Talking about the noise of those double charged Alfas:
Nearly fourty years ago there was a historic racing car event in Berne Switzerland. Cars of the old age of racing were running around the Swiss Bundeshaus, the Goverment’s palace. That was before the fear of terrorism.
Some of the drivers were old guys who used to race before the second worldwar.
I will never ever forget the incredible noise of the engine. It was anounced as the loudest car of the show. In fact, that was the most impressive roaring and screaming I ever heard of any vehicle. It even made all the Buggattis and supercharged Mercedes racecars seem quiet. I was kind of afraid the engine might explode any minute! It is tue: Classic cars should be driven ocasionally. It is sad to know that most of the realy rare and expensive vehicles are stored forever. Im museums they can be seen by many people at least. But I know of many cars hidden by rich collectors.

@aaron - It truly was, and it felt relatively hidden for some reason.

Thank goodness this wonderful historic vehicle did not end up with some hammerhead that would “restore” it. She’s my hero; and that has to be my all time favorite car now. What a great story!

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