This year’s wild 7 Easter Jeep Safari concepts


Jeep is gearing up again for the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, an enthusiast off-road gathering that draws seasoned rock-crawlers, trail runners, and Jeep fans from all over the world. Every year Jeep churns out a tasty array of concept cars to show off at the event (many showcasing Mopar accessories and parts you can buy), but these projects are more than just eye candy. Head to Moab and you’ll see each of these dirt-dominating monsters really walking the walk off-road.

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Why torment us with something like the Jeep Wagoneer Roadtrip? They’ll never build anything 1/4 as cool as it or the J10 concept these days.

Even the new Jeep Pickup, which does interest me, will be loaded down with Nanny devices and “Infotainment,” plus it will have four doors and a tiny bed, all the better to sell to suburbanites who want to look tough.

I’ll stick to classics. Or maybe dream of a contractor special edition of that new Wrangler pickup…


@joe.essid - I totally agree. I saw the “Roadtrip” and thought it really cool, then remembered something resembling that would never get close to production.

I wish styling exercises didn’t build false hopes.


The Roadtrip is the only thing that appeals. I still drive my 1996 Cherokee on a daily basis…

As a teen, my buddy’s dad owned the local Jeep dealership. He took us out for a winter excursion through some iced up creek beds, 3 teens, 1 adult, blasting through the creeks and S bends, over and over again. I could have done it all day long…