Threatened, endangered, or extinct: A Mercury, Plymouth, and an… Allstate?


It’s crazy to think about how cars can be built with tons of passion, time, energy and money, and then only a few decades later there are only a handful of examples left as evidence. In some cases, there isn’t a single example remaining.

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I am curious about a car that was a cousin to the Henry J and The Allstate. it was planned as a competitor befor Kaiser and Willis merged , it was the Willis Ace and came is at least two models one of which was called the Ace.
Instead of the pointy fins of the Henry J , it had square fins. A lot of them can be seen in the 1050s movie “Johnny Dark” about a fictional car company the built and raced a US made sports car in the early 50s.

Are any of them insured with Haggerdy?